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"Proclaiming the authority of the Word of God, true from the first verse of the creation account, through the Revelation, and 'unto a thousand generations' (Deuteronomy 7:9, Psalm 105:8)."
Admittedly "not a speaker," Lerch writes eloquently about the subject of creation.
Mary Margaret Pecht, The Sentinel, September 14, 2002

Books by Harold Lerch

A goal of the author is to craft books that are "reader friendly". Scriptural quotes are integrated within the text to help the reader get the most out of the experience. In typical handbook fashion, the backs of the books include a subject index of Scriptural passages. Recommended reading and outlines of the books are provided, as well.

Did God Really Say That?
Satan's actual words (as recorded in Genesis 3:1) were "Yea, hath God said, Ye shall notů?" Our enemy, Satan, "more subtle than any beast of the field" is a clever deceiver! God's Word has not changed from the beginning. Satan continues his deceptions. His great tool of our age is the lie of evolution. This book challenges that lie, and explains to readers that the foundations of the Christian faith, beginning with the creation, still stand. The author writes in an enjoyable style and effectively explains how one's belief regarding origins affects our daily lives six thousand years later. This book is written for all Christians, and for Jews who want to learn how science fits with the fact that God created everything from nothing in six days, as God inspired Moses to record. Christians and Jews worship the same Creator God, and the Jews are part of God's master plan. Our Jewish friends might be interested in why Christians accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

"Lerch used his Engineering background as motivation to focus on creating a book that was well-organized and easy-to-read."
John Finnerty, The Daily Item, August 10, 2002

God's People, God's Plan
When Satan deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden, all of God's creation came under the judgment of death. Almighty God came up with a plan for His creation to defeat death. The God of Abraham, the Creator God, chose His People, those whom He loved because they loved and honored Him (usually), and made a covenant (promise) with them. That promise was two-fold: to defeat sin and death by way of a Redeemer, and; to defeat their enemies, by way of a Conqueror-Messiah. Should we believe the Bible is true? Doesn't science disprove the Bible? Wasn't the talk of a Messiah false hope? The author effectively explains why scientific evidence supports Biblical creation. We can trust the Bible! The Biblical Messianic prophecies are accurate- God has made a plan for redemption and for conquering the enemies of Israel! When will the Messiah come? Has He come already? Would you know Him?

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right, but Three Lefts Do
As a child I was awed by the intelligence of adults. I thought grown-ups knew just about everything. Even when overhearing light conversations, I took their words as serious and meaningful. Later I became more impressed with the wisdom recorded in the Bible, such as Solomon's, "Cut the child in two." How about the supreme wisdom spoken time after time by Jesus, "Render unto Caesar," for example?

Years ago I came up with wisdom of my own, albeit twisted, "Two wrongs don't make a right" (a wise man ahead of me said that), but I added "but three lefts do." I think that came to me after I crashed my bicycle. The front fork was bent backward so that I couldn't turn right, but I could accomplish the same result by circling left three times. Anyway, I thought that would make a great title for a book. All I needed was a subject: wisdom and jokes!

Precious in His Sight
Precious in His Sight
Most of us know the familiar children's song, "Red and Yellow, Black and White, They are precious in His sight." Did you know there is only one skin color? We are all a certain shade of brown. Our skin pigmentations are based upon the genetic code inherited from our parents determining the amount of melanin in our individual genome. This is scientific truth, and is what one would expect from the biblical creation and genealogical accounts found in the Bible. Conversely, it is not what we would expect from the lie of evolution.

The Bible is literal truth. We are all one race, "God's race." God loves us. We are "Precious in His Sight."

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"Know therefore that the Lord thy God, He is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love Him and keep His commandments to a thousand generations; (Deuteronomy 7:9)."


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